Amazon Workspaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering on the AWS Cloud that can be integrated with your existing infrastructure.

With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can provide your users with a fast, consistent, and familiar desktop experience anywhere, any time, on almost any web enabled device. Unlike on-premises VDI, Amazon WorkSpaces requires no upfront investment, so it is easier and more cost-effective to scale whether you have a few users, or thousands. Amazon WorkSpaces removes the burden of owning and managing expensive and complex IT infrastructure, so you can focus on your business and user productivity. Turn your corporate desktop environment into a highly scalable, easy-to-manage cloud service with Amazon WorkSpaces.

Why choose Amazon Workspaces?

Easy to Manage

The WorkSpaces admin console allows you to easily add or remove users, and Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager simplifies the deployment and management of corporate applications.


Your users can access familiar business desktops with full fidelity from the device of their choice. It's also simple to manage your WorkSpaces with familiar systems management tools.

Cost Effective

Unlike complex on-premises solutions, Amazon WorkSpaces requires no upfront investment. You pay just for the resources and software you use, allowing you to lower TCO.

Introducing Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces turns your corporate desktop environment into an easy to use, managed cloud service, providing your users secure, convenient access to the applications, documents, and resources they need, on the device of their choice from anywhere with internet connectivity.